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Hana Whitfield’s book excerpt: L. Ron Hubbard’s amidships meltdown over ‘Xemu’ and OT 3

PUBLICERAT: 2018-04-21, kl: 13:00
"... was inspired by our story on Thursday and decided to share with us a chapter of a forthcoming book she’s been working on. She can’t tell us the title or the publication date of the book yet, but the chapter is all about her own experience ..."
"... a premonition that Hubbard would go ballistic when he heard the news. How could I not? It had taken him years and he claimed he almost died in the attempt. However, unable to get anywhere with the level and after seeing my crewmates attesting, I decided ..."

Podcast Transcription: Stress, Anxiety and Accepting the Present Moment

PUBLICERAT: 2018-04-20, kl: 18:45
"Andalucía which is 20 minutes outside of Marbella, close to Malaga, so the very, very south of Spain. [002:00] I’m overlooking the valley, there’s a beautiful mountain over to my left, the Mediterranean Sea, it’s just beautiful dark blue, right in front of me. The sun is setting. It just, it feels so beautiful. If I get really quiet, I think you might be able to hear birds in the background … (laugh) I don’t know if you can hear that. It’s like a symphony of birds outside my window. I can’t believe ..."

BRUCE DICKINSON Documentary 'Scream For Me Sarajevo' To Be Released On DVD, Blu-Ray, CD And LP In June

PUBLICERAT: 2018-04-20, kl: 13:11
"”Scream For Me Sarajevo” , a documentary telling the story of a 1994 concert given by IRON MAIDEN singer Bruce Dickinson while the Bosnian War was raging and Sarajevo itself was under siege, will be released on June 29 on DVD, Blu-ray and digital ..."
"... to be, actually, for people who don’t have a choice in the matter. I mean, it was my choice [in 1994] — actually our choice, collectively, ‘cause we all, collectively, said, ‘Yeah, we’re all crazy enough to try and do this thing and drive into Sarajevo ..."

Very Little Ice Hockey

PUBLICERAT: 2018-04-20, kl: 12:01
"... for hours. I can discuss my characters and every arch of the story in great detail and it’s quite often that I come up with yet more detail and different turns for their paths to take, yet…. Equally, I talk and talk about selling the jewellery I make ..."
"It’s another sunny day here in London and my shoulders are a bit red from yesterday’s walk around the park coupled with this year’s first sprinkling of freckles across my nose. The only downer is work and I lost the will to live as soon as I got ..."

Floating in my mind (2013)

PUBLICERAT: 2018-04-19, kl: 19:14
"Adorable style, fluid animation, nice colours, fitting music – a lot of good work more or less wasted on a too pointless and generic story built on rather vague symbolism. One person’s life – with balloons. Not in my inflatable book."

Scientology’s greatest lecture of all: It’s finally time we look closer at Xenu in all his glory

PUBLICERAT: 2018-04-19, kl: 13:00
"... to have to deal with among their subjects, a memory he had discovered the year before for something called “OT 3.” It was the story of Xenu. You’ve no doubt heard most or all of this lecture. Alex Gibney and Lawrence Wright used parts of it to great effect ..."
"... it. ——————– Chris Shelton and Sunny Pereira on the Introspection Rundown Says Chris: “Here’s my new video for this week, the second part of my series on mental illness treatment in Scientology. In this one, we go into the Introspection Rundown and the setup ..."

Spinning cars, self-healing cuts — more ‘OT’ ghost stories from Scientologists

PUBLICERAT: 2018-04-18, kl: 13:00
"... as a carpenter on a project that required a lot of skill and dexterity with very sharp tools. On this occasion, I was fitting two pieces of wood together, and the chisel I was using slipped off the wood and went right through my thumb, cutting deeply to the bone. I did not panic or react wildly, but in fact remained calm and wrapped a cloth tightly around the thumb, and held it above my heart. I then went to see a Scientologist doctor who fixed it up with about 8 stitches and I went back to work ..."

VICTORIAN TOWN by Nancy Thorne

PUBLICERAT: 2018-04-18, kl: 10:04
"... on the door but there wasn't one. All I needed was for Dr. Edgecombe to walk in and see me naked, even if he was a real doctor or a real delusion. I stripped while listening for footsteps and placed my torn and dirty clothes in a pile beside the washbasin ..."
"... of the cloths into the water and felt the ring slip to my knuckle. I ran the washcloth over my hands before scrubbing every other part of me. It was when I dried myself with the extremely scratchy towel that I noticed the sparkling luster of the ring's silver ..."

A Little Bold, and a Little Lighter: Sharon Badal on 2018 Tribeca Shorts

PUBLICERAT: 2018-04-17, kl: 16:27
"I Heart NY, Saul’s 108th Story, and Into My Life . So, we had to think of another way. We made it a NY-based filmmakers program. Sidelined [about the treatment of NFL cheerleaders in 1978] is extraordinary. Big Elvis [set in Las Vegas, ‘natch ..."
"... were like and what we wanted to do. As I’ve said before, my personal opinion is irrelevant. It’s what the audience needs. We needed the audience to have a little more fun. So “Lighten Up!,” the comedy shorts program; “Into the Void,” the Sci-fi ..."

More proof that L. Ron Hubbard really did want Scientologists to consider him the Antichrist

PUBLICERAT: 2018-04-17, kl: 13:00
"I finally scripted my own escape, but that’s a story for another time. Dan and I both loathed the scripts we had to write and detested the job; it was abject slavery. We were tasked with writing more than thirty types of scripts and the COB “traffic ..."
"/con man left off. Oh boy. Regarding the authenticity of the Original OT 8 document, during the six years that I was the director of scriptwriting at the Int base, I along with my associate writer and friend Dan were frequently called on the carpet ..."

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