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Laffy's cult doesn't have a monopoly on fraud.

PUBLICERAT: 2018-07-17, kl: 06:29
"Some might find this story of interest, so I thought I'd post it. My half-brother Mark Bush was a successful lawyer, building a nice personal injury and workers comp practice. Well, ok, that whole field is pretty sleazy, but I think he figured as long as he wasn't breaking the law, it was ok. Don't get me started on that whole deal; I believe the medical/legal fiasco is a major cause of economic problems in the U.S. He was a smart man, good at his job, very personable, living the good ..."

Why the Neglect?: Lubitsch’s The Student Prince in Old Heidelberg (1927)

PUBLICERAT: 2018-07-16, kl: 19:18
". Another influential scholar, Kristin Thompson, has more recently expressed surprise about the rave reviews the film garnered when it came out, dismissing it as a “good but hardly extraordinary” film. ( 5 ) Why this indifference to the film? My answer would be that it is not only the film that is neglected, but certain aspects of the Hollywood studio system that it exemplifies. My intent in writing this book is not simply to cheer for the virtues of this film but to argue for a certain kind ..."

Kicks Beauty – Nya ansiktsmasker

PUBLICERAT: 2018-07-16, kl: 07:00
"För en tid sedan fick jag ett pressutskick ifrån Kicks med blandade nyheter inför våren och bland nyheterna hittade jag ansiktsmasker. Jag hade nyligen en liten omröstning på min Insta Story om vad ni ville läsa om härnäst och ansiktsmaskerna ifrån Kicks vann överlägset. Your wish is my command och så vidare. KICKS Peel Off Mask with Black Charcoal (149 kr / 100 ml)* – KICKS Peel Off Mask beskrivs som en djuprengörande mask som bland annat innehåller lera och lugnande extrakt samt uppfriskande ..."

Kommentarer till 10 Bible verses /examples commonly used to support the sinful nature – refutation av Evan

PUBLICERAT: 2018-07-15, kl: 23:00
"... on. That’s not how the parable ended. Wouldn’t it be better if the author ended the parable with this information if it was valid? It’s not a small matter since it’s about salvation. Since the story ends with this person thrown out, I don’t feel I need to add anything to the story which is perfect as it is. If this passage were the only reference to the subject then I would have no problem agreeing with you. However, employing it as a proof text for your view without considering the whole of scripture ..."

Connecting Posthumously: Ofir Raul Graizer on The Cakemaker

PUBLICERAT: 2018-07-15, kl: 19:58
"... it. In what ways has the film developed in your mind during this period? Thank you, Tom. The story went through all sorts of versions, styles, narrative directions, but somehow it had always remained loyal to the very first five-paged synopsis I wrote at the start. Some scenes, like the swimming pool, Thomas (Kalkhof) baking at night, Anat (Adler) crying and laughing on the bed, and mostly the last scene of the movie – I had these already in the beginning. I had the shot, the cut, and the colors in my ..."

ALMA-pristagaren 2018 och kanske årets bästa läsning

PUBLICERAT: 2018-07-15, kl: 16:47
"... och hur lite som har förändrats på femtio år. Det blir också fruktansvärt tydligt, om det inte var det innan, hur otroligt viktigt det är med representation i litteratur – i alla konstformer. If someone had taken that book out of my hand said, You’re too old for this maybe I’d never have believed that someone who looked like me could be in the pages of the book that someone who looked like me had a story. (282) Jag tror att en läsning av Brown Girl Dreaming – Brun flicka drömmer på svenska i översättning ..."

Film Scratches: A Stroll with Mickey and Marcel – Promenade Mythanalytique: Logotype, Parole & Empreinte (2017)

PUBLICERAT: 2018-07-14, kl: 16:25
"... it with the English “I lost my key” rendered as “I lost Mickey.” Overloading the ongoing verbal puns, Guilbert begins to pile on visual puns as well. In a complex and dazzling bit of 3d modeling and animation, we see a sequence from an early Disney cartoon in which Mickey approaches the door to a castle and tries to go in, but is stymied by a never-ending series of new doors. This is swiftly interpolated into footage from the beginning of Cukor’s Philadelphia Story , where Cary Grant opens a door ..."

Åke Franzén And Mothman, Part 2

PUBLICERAT: 2018-07-14, kl: 14:16
". In spite of this they told the same story, with insignificant variations. Another common factor was the poltergeist phenomena. Something strange always happened in the house right after someone had seen the ´bird´. It was somehow connected. Certain ..."
"Franzén: I don´t know whether you believe me, but it continued all the time. Even during my visits, now and then. But it seemed hopeless to have a personal observation. During these five weeks, I never got a chance to visit a witness directly after ..."

Scientology fundraiser: ‘It was commonplace to lie to church members to get donations’

PUBLICERAT: 2018-07-14, kl: 12:10
"... for the greater good. With my fundraiser training completed, I was sent to the IAS’s Western U.S. Membership Office in Hollywood, on Berendo Street (later renamed L. Ron Hubbard Way). I was to work under someone who had been with the IAS since its formation in 1984. In addition to direct, one-on-one fundraising, my work included setting up fundraising events for myself and for other fundraisers, ordinarily in cities with a church or large mission. I’d usually arrive at an event location 48 to 72 hours ..."


PUBLICERAT: 2018-07-14, kl: 10:57
"Hey guys. One day in Stockholm has already passed by, and oh my, I really missed it. Feels good to be home again. To make a long story short (if you haven’t followed me on other social media’s I’ve updated on my stories) the trip took five extra hours long... FIVE! I arrived in the middle of the night/morning to Stockholm. At least it was an adventure! "It’s not the destination, it’s the journey." Will update furthe more today so check in later. And have a good day!"

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