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Comment on Regraded Being by Peggy L

PUBLICERAT: 2019-09-23, kl: 02:20
"I used to think maybe, in the beginning, the tech did help some people, as long as they didn’t get hornswoggled into taking the plunge deeper into this cult. I got over that LRH wrote fairy tales. LRH is the only person who benefited, and now it’s DM who is the single person benefiting from it. Neither one of them, IMO, believed the fairy tales, but they sure loved the money and power it brought them. DM is still the sole beneficiary. All the members are just collateral damage I guess. In his ..."

Comment on Ideal Org Fails by PeaceMaker

PUBLICERAT: 2019-09-22, kl: 20:46
"Jere, from what I can tell there a few orgs, like Tampa (in part because it get cast-off traffic from Flag), LA and maybe Valley that aren’t doing so badly, though that’s relative; I’d guess some like those are more than breaking even, while the worst off are completely insolvent and only kept open by subsidies of various sorts (not to mention which, probably all would be deeply in the hole if not for the effective subsidy of virtually free staff labor). But there’s probably no org even ..."

Comment on Ideal Org Fails by Lliira

PUBLICERAT: 2019-09-21, kl: 22:27
"But did your face feel smooshed? Since that’s apparently a thing that happens when one misunderstands a word. I guess I’ve always understood all words I’ve ever read, including in other languages, since that’s never happened to me."

Comment on Ideal Org Fails by Ms. B. Haven

PUBLICERAT: 2019-09-21, kl: 17:05
"... definition for pipping so I started getting a little woozy and unconscious. I guess I’m doomed. My eternity is just fucked because I went by a misunderstood word and read the next couple of captions. I developed some hidden standards because I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why an Ideal Org would need the extra expense of fire sprinklers with so many ‘OTs’ available to extinguish any fire that may start and threaten to destroy the ‘tech’ and create a ‘downstat’ situation. I guess this is what ..."

Comment on Regraded Being by Skyler

PUBLICERAT: 2019-09-20, kl: 23:28
"... may be as to what a father would do when faced with the pain of having his daughter taken out of his life. People who do not have much experience with this cult truly need to understand just how powerful their control can be. I would guess this poor ..."
"... to break? My guess is that many fathers would be willing to do almost anything when this cult uses that kind of extortion to get their way with him. There must be a law. There is a law. It’s called “Extortion”. It is a crime and it usually carries a jail ..."

How to choose the best Hard Shell luggage

PUBLICERAT: 2019-09-19, kl: 18:10
"Hardshell luggage is one of the most popular times when it comes to the bag industry. But when it comes to choosing the right hard shell luggage for your travel, it is not always easy and I must say, it is somehow tricky. Do you know how to choose the best and right hard shell bag for you? If not then do you want to know how to choose the right one? I guess you want to know since you are reading this article. And the good news is that you are in the right place. In this article, I am going ..."

Comment on More on VM’s to Bahamas by Skyler

PUBLICERAT: 2019-09-19, kl: 10:02
"I would guess the reason no one answered your call is because the reason they advertise they will accept calls is just for their bullshit propaganda. They can point to those ads at a later date and brag about how much they help the world when the truth is they only help themselves to other peoples money. By the way, if you never saw the movie titled, “Other Peoples’ Money”, it’s not a masterpiece, but it is a very friendly – even heart warming movie staring Danny Devito and Penelope Anne Miller ..."

Comment on More on VM’s to Bahamas by Linear13

PUBLICERAT: 2019-09-19, kl: 07:59
"... card on their person before they will be allowed into events. I guess he thinks he’s going to flush out the leaks…he’s wrong."

Comment on More OT VIII Malarkey by WINNING_ON_ALL_DYNAMICS

PUBLICERAT: 2019-09-19, kl: 06:50
"Thanks for posting this Mike: “…all my dynamics were finally aligned after OT VII. Never had I been so happy across every single one of my dynamics.” I guess I’m not the only BIG THETAN who’s WINNING ON ALL DYNAMICS!"

Free Online Cam Sex | Blonde-Teen | Www Free Live Sex Cam

PUBLICERAT: 2019-09-19, kl: 00:36
"... ankles. I bowed my check out Mistress to indicate that I had recognized and quickly got the things from the shelf. I guess the way to begin this account is always to introduce myself. My title is Hector and I am a nineteen year previous first year ..."
"... from her angle. Maybe we were not busted. After grinning and waving at the party, Mom turned around and delivered to the home, signaling me to check out her. I guess she'd observed our shenanigans after all. What occurred next was beyond my slim ..."

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