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I never did ask to be adopted to Sweden as a baby, i never asked to be mis-treated by Swedes - and my adoptive-Parents who got two normal kids (it's proven by examinations from the 90's) failed to protect our rights as Swedes in Sweden, even our rights as

PUBLICERAT: 2019-09-07, kl: 14:17
"... decides, not me - but juridically he represents me so i guess on paper he is to be seen as me when he does things. So if he decides i should live in Umea instead of in Stockholm - then juridically it's me deciding this.. So they propably would say ..."

Some everyday luxury

PUBLICERAT: 2019-09-06, kl: 23:44
", and write and write. What I was actually going to write about was our day. But you know…I very much like to write about my deeper thoughts but I guess that some everyday pictures can be good to post now and then to. Well…our due date is around ..."

Scientology Plymouth UK

PUBLICERAT: 2019-09-06, kl: 19:54
"... quo there? My best guess, for what it may be worth, is based on two key observations. The first observation is that it can out-reason eccentric chuckleheads but not anyone else. The second, more telling, observation is that Scientology Plymouth has ..."

Sabaton – The Great War

PUBLICERAT: 2019-09-06, kl: 16:58
"... then went completely bonkers. “The End of the War to End All Wars”, starts off nicely and then launches into attack mode. I guess a bit like war. The song itself talks about the war that was supposed to be the end of all wars, and this song ..."


PUBLICERAT: 2019-09-06, kl: 16:06
"Sitter och storskrattar framför datorn. Guess what! Min berättelse om den vilsegångne Carl som jag skrev för länge sen ska bli följetong i Kvällstunden! Vad det hade varit roligt om pappa som alltid läste Kvällstunden hade kunna läsa detta. Det ska bli elva avsnitt nu under hösten. Jag ska bara säga vilket honorar jag vill ha. Men jag har ingen aning vad som är rimligt honorar. Jag började på denna berättelse för sjutton år sen när jag gick på Författarskolan och nu ska den alltså äntligen ..."

Comment on Mark Bunker for Clearwater City Council by Richard

PUBLICERAT: 2019-09-06, kl: 14:35
"I wonder if Mark has made a public statement about his intention in seeking a position as a public official. I have little knowledge of how local politics works. I guess it’s primary function is to “keep things running”. The small city in which I live has had ” revitalization” programs proposed but they stall out."

Njord – Jukka Vanne

PUBLICERAT: 2019-09-05, kl: 21:54
""Hi there Björn! Now finally my new Njord is ready. Here are some pics. Weight with all rigging included (bunjy cord etc.) is 17 kg. Considering I used some mahogany for the looks, I guess the weight is ok - was hoping for 16 kg though. Haven't yet been on the water too much, but from what I have tried, it does seem very good - seems to have nice speed, stability is ok (95kg paddler) and with a little skeg exposed, it paddles like on tracks. The rope skeg works nicely! Thanks! - a great design ..."

Ur refushögen

PUBLICERAT: 2019-09-05, kl: 10:57
"... the referendum deprived them of that martyrdom – hence their truculent inability to take yes for an answer. And upon whom, then, is their blame-placing going to land? My guess is a Citizen of Nowhere somewhere. I hear even tourists have been accosted ..."

Comment on Books Make BOOMS by Old Surfer Dude

PUBLICERAT: 2019-09-04, kl: 19:11
"And that’s because it’s all MAKE BELIEVE!!! Imagine all these cult members doing the Purif, Student Hat & Survival Rundown…over, and over and over, again. I guess that’s all they have left."

Unboxing – Sabaton: The Great Box

PUBLICERAT: 2019-09-04, kl: 18:34
", and they all would really look so much better without the logo slapped everywhere, and just the quote. So.. What can I say. I’m all in all pretty happy. At the end of the day, I knew, all of us, knew what we were getting. I guess I personally perhaps wish ..."

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