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Crashdïet @ De Verlichte Geest, Roeselare, Belgium 5/10 -19

PUBLICERAT: 2019-10-15, kl: 18:51
"If there was any tour I was looking forward to this fall, it was this one. Crashdïet is one of my original favorite bands from a long, long time – we are talking 11 years here – and them playing together with my newfound heroes in The Cruel ..."
"... a soul. Anyway, my stay in Belgium is a whole different story – on Saturday we hade our way to Gent and got picked up about two hours before doors opened by my dear friend Ginny and made our way over to Roeselare. We had a good drive, catching up ..."

Are you living in the present!

PUBLICERAT: 2019-10-15, kl: 17:05
"... to be that way. You can, of course, choose to live in every moment When you do, you only live here and now and at the same time you create the future you want. Do not think about what have been, you can do nothing about it. What you can do is learn from ..."
"Are you living in the present! Or are you left in something as was yesterday. Maybe it prevents you from moving on. Maybe you are daydreaming about what is to come. Maybe you are worried for the future. When you are worried about something, you ..."


PUBLICERAT: 2019-10-15, kl: 16:32
"Just wanted your reaction … A positive sensation … Nothing can take it away from me … Can get the feeling of loneliness sometimes But somewhere you are there Time goes by so fast… You play hide and seek But I know you can hear me Make me happy … I have a feeling That our meeting is not the first time Just one glance killed everything And then it was just you I sought your reaction for so long A pretty positive longing Sensual and sexy … And no one can take it away from me You know I dream about ..."

Comment on Nation of Islam’s “Supreme Technology” by Skyler

PUBLICERAT: 2019-10-15, kl: 15:25
"... no fear of getting served while he has not appeared anywhere in the USA for quite some time now. I could be wrong about this. But that is just my guess as to why he is not afraid to appear in public in England. I never knew that Connor (who ..."

From Blog to Book to TV Show: The Journey of an Uber Driver

PUBLICERAT: 2019-10-15, kl: 14:00
"... by his encounters with strangers in his car, recently aired on the ABC in Australia. Ben chats with us about this wild ride, and how it all began on his blog. What compelled you to start the blog? When did you realize it was worth chronicling ..."
"... of my iPhone. I didn’t know why at the time, but I just had to write it down. When I retold this story to friends, I was met with looks of utter disbelief and one key question, a question that came up again and again: “Why do people you’ve just met ..."


PUBLICERAT: 2019-10-15, kl: 13:15
". Några starka drag hos Nikola? Nyfiken. Glad. Kittlig. Jag tror att han kommer bli en väldigt busig liten kille. // It’s time for Nikola’s 4 months update! I will put together this post with the help of your comments (thank you! <3) and I will finish it with answering some questions. :-) Some of you asked questions that are more about me and us as parents, but I can take that in another post. So keep on asking. So another month has passed and our little Monkey Lost (he has so many nicknames ..."

Xenu-giving: We check the crowd at Scientology’s biggest org on a day of thanks

PUBLICERAT: 2019-10-15, kl: 13:00
"’s front groups and their goal Yesterday, one of our readers dug into the archives to find a great Scientology document about avoiding legal service. That files search also yielded this gem, from 1987, laying out in very plain language the purpose ..."
"... are there, which is TO SELL LRH’s TECH TO THE SOCIETY AND GET IT USED, as THE TECH to handle criminality, Drug Rehabilitation and Education. In a time of great social unrest, where drug use is at its peak, where the crime rate is consistently increasing ..."

Latest no deposit bonus from Winorama Casino

PUBLICERAT: 2019-10-15, kl: 12:01
"... or become a registred player we strongly suggest that you look closer at the specific terms for that casino. Even tough it is a top casino it can still have some unwanted things in their terms and conditions. For examble time limits, unreasonable long ..."
"– USD, Euro – EUR. You can read more about what different methods there are to deposit and withdraw money from Winorama Casino, transfer times and any limits in our full review. Read more about Winorama Casino All Winorama Casino offers mentioned ..."

The peasant and the washing machine

PUBLICERAT: 2019-10-15, kl: 10:08
"It is now two months since I wrote my latest article about small farms , where I promised to write another one on labor productivity and its implications for the space of consumption for small holder farmers and its capacity to generate surplus labor for other societal purposes. The main reason for the silence is the writing of a forthcoming book about the evolution of the trinity cattle, grass and humans. The manuscript is now sent to the publisher, Ordfront , and the book (in Swedish ..."

Go off Grid: Offline Reader for SitePoint Premium Now in Beta

PUBLICERAT: 2019-10-15, kl: 09:54
"We've done a massive amount of work on the SitePoint Premium experience this year, but users have been very clear about what they want to see next. Our most requested feature is offline access to books in the SitePoint Premium library, and today, it's here. We've been working on this for a long time and we're very excited to release what we think is a great way to read these books offline. But we hope you'll bear in mind that this is the first beta release of offline access, and we expect ..."

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