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PUBLICERAT: 2019-03-24, kl: 06:32
"Maggie Walsh is supposed to be the sensible one – the white sheep of the family. She lives less than a mile from Mum and Dad and married middle-of-the-road Garv. But that is about to change . . . ‘Keyes writes brilliantly, as always, about love, grief, jealousy and friendship’ Daily Mail ________ ‘I’d always lived a fairly blameless life . . . up until the day I left my husband and ran away to Hollywood . . .’ Unlike the rest of her family, Maggie Walsh has always done everything right ..."


PUBLICERAT: 2019-03-24, kl: 06:32
"Nora should know better than to think her life can return to normal after falling in love with a fallen angel. And Nora’s life isn’t normal – her dad was murdered, and the facts about his death just don’t add up. Now Nora’s own life is in imminent danger. Are she and Patch strong enough for the battle ahead? The post Crescendo appeared first on Vad Heter Boken ."

Accidental Heroes

PUBLICERAT: 2019-03-24, kl: 00:31
"Accidental Heroes is a heart-stopping thriller about ordinary men and women who embark on a journey they will never forget. On a beautiful May morning at New York’s JFK Airport, a routine plane departs for San Francisco. Security agent Bernice Adams finds a postcard of the Golden Gate Bridge bearing an ambiguous message. Who left the postcard behind, which flight is that person on, and what exactly does the message mean? Her supervisor dismisses her concerns but she is compelled to contac ..."

Medieval camping adventures

PUBLICERAT: 2019-03-23, kl: 21:39
", but that doesn’t mean it is close to all events, this drive took us about 15 hours, and we chose to split it up on two days, with some sightseeing in the breaks. Because we traveled with lots of gear we chose to stay at a hotel along the road, where we ..."
"... something to drink or share. Maybe you don’t know shit about medieval clothing, but you know a really fast way to mend socks? Share around! Time to say goodbye? When the event comes to an end, it is time to pack everything together, say goodbye to all ..."

A Very Big House in the Country

PUBLICERAT: 2019-03-23, kl: 19:30
"‘Holidays are about surviving the gaps between one meal and another.’ For one long hot summer in Devon, three families are sharing one very big house in the country. The Herreras: made up of two tired parents, three grumbling children and one promiscuous dog; the Littles: he’s loaded (despite two divorces and five kids), she’s gorgeous, but maybe the equation for a truly happy marriage is a bit more complicated than that; and the Browns, who seem oddly jumpy around people, but especially each o ..."

The Beautiful Visit

PUBLICERAT: 2019-03-23, kl: 19:30
"Life had been distinctly lacking in possibilities – until The Visit. But, ever afterwards, just remembering the smell of the Lancings’ house would enrapture her, taking her back to that very first day when Lucy and Gerald had picked her up from the station . . . All the longing, excitement and poignant comedy of adolescence are captured in Elizabeth Jane Howard’s first novel The Beautiful Visit, about a young girl growing up in the years around the First World War. Beginning and ending ..."

Game Control

PUBLICERAT: 2019-03-23, kl: 19:30
"From the Orange Prize-winning author of WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT KEVIN comes a grimly comic tale of bad ideas and good intentions. With a deft, droll touch, Shriver highlights the hypocrisy of lofty intellectuals who would “save” humanity but who don’t like people. Eleanor Merritt, a do-gooding American family-planning worker, was drawn to Kenya to improve the lot of the poor. Unnervingly, she finds herself falling in love with the beguiling Calvin Piper despite, or perhaps because of, h The post ..."

A Perfectly Good Family

PUBLICERAT: 2019-03-23, kl: 19:30
"Following the success of We Need to Talk About Kevin this is a stunning examination of inheritance, literal and psychological: what we take from our parents, what we discard, and what we are stuck with, like it or not. After having escaped for years to London, Corlis McCrea returns to the grand Reconstruction mansion where she grew up in North Carolina, now willed to the three grown children following the death of their parents. All three want the house. Fiscal necessity The post A Perfectly ..."

The Female of the Species

PUBLICERAT: 2019-03-23, kl: 19:30
"The first novel from the Orange Prize-winning author of We Need to Talk about Kevin is a compelling and provocative story of love and how we suffer for it. Still unattached and childless at fifty-nine, world-renowned anthropologist Gray Kaiser is seemingly invincible-and untouchable. Returning to make a documentary at the site of her first great triumph in Kenya, she is accompanied by her faithful middle-aged assistant, Errol McEchern, who has loved her for years in silence. The post The Female ..."

Comment on BACK HOME – MONACO VLOG by Henriette

PUBLICERAT: 2019-03-23, kl: 17:58
"What was the name of the camera you talked about – the one you used in Costa Rica :D ..."

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