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DOWN Confirms Another 'NOLA' 25th-Anniversary Show

PUBLICERAT: 2019-11-15, kl: 18:11
"... time. So, people ask me about it all the time.” Anselmo 's response appeared to once again suggest that DOWN 's lineup for a ”NOLA” 25th-anniversary tour would feature guitarist Kirk Windstein . A founding member of DOWN , Windstein left the band ..."


PUBLICERAT: 2019-11-15, kl: 17:29
"... on the length but his weight curve has gone down. Apparently it’s normal that the fast weight gain goes down a bit during this month, something because of the breastfeeding. We talked about this and since it feels like he’s not getting completely ..."
"... cook some different purees for him and see what he likes. :-) We also talked about sleep and it’s still not good. He still wakes up many times during the night, he’s twisting and turning and whining. He’s also rolling over to his belly in his sleep ..."

Comment on Regraded Being by Zee Moo

PUBLICERAT: 2019-11-15, kl: 16:57
"Well done RB. I doubt that there will be any internal discussion about COB’s current lawsuits. Anyone caught talking about those suits will be KRed so fast their thetan will spin. I think that either COB uses those lawsuits for fund raising (the default $cieno response) or it will be totally ignored. As there is nothing in the Scieno ‘press’ yet, I would bet on the lawsuit news going stealth. The 2 women in this cartoon would probably be cleaning out dumpsters with toothbrushes if they were ..."

Day 2 of the Impeachment Inquiry: Marie Yovanovitch’s testimony

PUBLICERAT: 2019-11-15, kl: 16:48
"’s a career public servant with a sterling record. Her opening statement is similar but not identical to her opening statement published before her initial (closed door) testimony She’s blowing up the conspiracy theories and smear campaign about her spread ..."
", manifestly corrupt. Daniel Goldman leading Yovanovitch through her removal and the smear campaign. This is chilling testimony. Goldman walking her through the implied threats Trump made about her during the July Zelensky phone call. “She’s going ..."

Automate Azure DevOps code security analysis with the Microsoft Security Code Analysis extensions

PUBLICERAT: 2019-11-15, kl: 16:08
"This post is about increasing automated security posture with Azure DevOps by using the " Microsoft Security Code Analysis extension", which is a set of tasks that helps implement security analysis of your files and code in your pipelines. Microsoft have done an amazing job with making this extension available, so we can make use of automated build tasks to check for some commonly encountered security issues. Follow me in this article to explore how we make use of the Azure DevOps extension ..."

Comment on Regraded Being by bixntram

PUBLICERAT: 2019-11-15, kl: 15:52
"How sickening – and how evil. That’s about all I have to say at the moment. Thanks for your comment about the mindset, Mary. I know that RB is spot on with these cartoons when someone who was “in” confirms it."

Jesse's Toffee Bars Best Family Recipes

PUBLICERAT: 2019-11-15, kl: 15:46
"Bars Video Duration:02:08 Total Views: 22 ↓ Download ► Watch I Hate Everything About You Video Duration:03:44 Total Views: 10 ↓ Download ► Watch Multiplying Chocolate Bar | JUNK DRAWER MAGIC Video Duration:06:20 Total Views: 1876000+ ↓ Download ..."

The Rolling Stones

PUBLICERAT: 2019-11-15, kl: 15:00
"Can’t get no . . . satisfaction? If you’re looking for tour dates, videos, and news about the Rolling Stones, visit their official site and you’ll always be able to get what you want."

Kommentarer till King David said ”In sin did my MOTHER conceive me”, but it’s no support for a sinful nature Ps. 51:5 av BjorkBloggen

PUBLICERAT: 2019-11-15, kl: 14:50
"... and He always does what is right. What is just about declaring people sinners despite that they are not able to sin? I agree with the rest you said. Gilla Gilla ..."

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal: The Latest Trend in Aesthetics

PUBLICERAT: 2019-11-15, kl: 14:21
"... clients are different, therefore depending on hair type and thickness, and skin type, about 6-10 treatments are needed. However, some clients may require as little as 4 sessions, while others may need 13 or more. Treatments should be done every 4-8 weeks for lasting results. Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Cost In the US, a full treatment cycle for the Brazilian is about $700USD. In Canada, the Brazilian for women is approximately $200 CAD per session, with the basic bikini line being $100, the labia ..."

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